July 18th , 2019

8 AM to 4 PM



Kansas City

1-Day Lubrication

Best Practices Workshop

Oklahoma City

Hosted by ISL

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Industrial Sealing & Lubrication, Inc.

July 16th , 2019

8 AM to 4 PM


Francis Tuttle Techonology Center

12777 N. Rockwell Ave

Oklahoma City, OK

The key to reliability and cost savings? Education and training! Lubrication is the foundation to any reliability-driven maintenance program and, done correctly, can save thousands of dollars—not to mention increase equipment uptime. In one day, let us provide a clear picture of what lubrication preferred practices look like and give you the tools to get you there.

Not sure if this training is right for you? Test your lubrication IQ at LubricationIQ.com.

Skeptical about getting a sales pitch? Ask for our Professional Code of Conduct, where we guarantee our content is strictly educational.

​​The course will help you:
• Evaluate the current status of your lubrication practices relative to best-in-class programs
• Understand the fundamentals of lubrication and lubrication management
• Create a customized action item list to help you transform your lubrication practices